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Petruta is known for enchanting her audience live - whether on TV, in large arenas or at small events.  In her own way, she conveys the magic of the pan flute to every audience. This includes classical, pop, hits and folk music. 

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about petruta küpper

Born in Sibiu, Romania, the musician is considered one of the best pan flute players in the world - known for her amazing and unique sound. Her precise technique is based on the "mentoring" and the official school of Gheorghe Zamfir. Musical education:

College of Music (Sibiu 1996 – 2000)
- Instrumental Panflute -

National University of Music 
(Bucharest 2002 – 2006)
 - Diplom Panflute -

Teached by Master G. Zamfir

I feel blessed by God because he has given me the opportunity to play this complex instrument and for me to study with the best (Maestro Gheorghe Zamfir). It is almost impossible for me to describe the beauty of this instrument. I see it as my duty to share my love for the pan flute and to bring the wonderful sound closer to people with my music.

- Petruta Küpper